Summer 2012 Service Learning Courses

This list is in progress, and courses are continuing to be added. With questions about a particular course, please email


Applied Behavioral Science
ABSC 499   Richard Saunders   Directed Research
ABSC 606   Any instructor   Special Projects in the Community
ABSC 675   Pam Neidert   Pctm Inf-Tdlr Cr&Erly Intrvn I
ABSC 676   Pam Neidert   Pract. for research in early childhood ed. and intervention
ABSC 677   Claudia Dozier   Pract. in Preschool Ed. and Intervention I
ABSC 678   Claudia Dozier   Infant-Toddler Care and Early Intervention II
ABSC 679   Any instructor   Pract. for research in early childhood ed. and intervention
ABSC 680   Any instructor   Pract. in Adv. Lab. Dev. of Beh. Trtmnts for Chldrn w/ Autism
ABSC 685   Any instructor   Practicum in Community-based Treatment Programs for Disabled Adults
BIOL 425   David McLeod   Teaching Apprenticeship in Biology
CHEM 188   Krzysztof Kuczera   Foundations of Chemistry II
Curriculum and Instruction
C&T 996   Any instructor   College Teaching Experience
Health, Sport, and Exercise Science
HSES 236   Any Instructor   Practicum in:
HSES 499   Bernie Kish   Internship in Sport Management
HSES 580   Any Instructor   Internship in:
HNRS 495   Kayla Stroup   Honors Directed Study
Music Education & Music Therapy
MEMT 369   Any Instructor   Clinical Practicum
MEMT 596   Any instructor   Clinical Internship
Political Science
POLS 496   Burdett Loomis   Washingtn Semester Intern Smnr
POLS 497   Linda Slattery   Washington Semester Field Work
PSYC 480/481   Todd Little   Research Methods & Data Analysis/Independent Study
PSYC 483   Various   Undergrd Internship Psychology
Social Welfare
SW 601   Stephen Kapp   Field Practicum
Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies
WGSS 650   John Younger   Service Learning in Women's Studies