Spring 2009 Service Learning Courses


Advanced Design Studies
ADS 560   Mary Anne Jordan   Van Go Mobile Arts-Service Learning
American Studies
AMS 522 /
SOC 522
  Tanya Golash-Boza   American Racial and Ethnic Relations
Applied Behavioral Science
ABSC 150/151   Glen White   Applied Behavioral Science - Community Leadership
ABSC 677   Claudia Dozier   Practicum in Preschool Education and Intervention I
ABSC 678   Claudia Dozier   Practicum in Preschool Education and Intervention II
ABSC 679   Claudia Dozier  

Practicum in Behavior: Analytic Research in Early Childhood

ABSC 680   James Sherman   Practicum in Adv. Lab. in the Dev. of Behavioral Treatments for Children with Autism
ABSC 685   Jan Sheldon   Practicum in Community-based Residential or Day Treatment Programs for Disabled Adults
ABSC 690   Stephen Fawcett   Practicum in Community Health and Development
ABSC 692   Stephen Fawcett   Practicum in Community Health and Development (Honors)
ABSC 694   Jan Sheldon   Practicum in Juvenile Problems
ARCH 501   Richard Farnan   Architectural Design VIII
Communication Studies
COMS 342   Jason Grebe   Problem Solving in Teams and Groups
C&T 352-353   Donita Massengill-Shaw   Literacy Instruction
C&T 352-353   Diane Nielsen   Literacy Instruction
C&T 352-353   Barbara Bradley   Literacy Instruction
ENTR 450*   Wally Meyer;
Matthew Mcclorey
  New Venture Creation / Business Plan Development
*must have participated in the service learning component of the course
ENTR 490   Janalee Fitchett   Entrepreneurship in Practice
ENTR 895   Wally Meyer   Graduate Seminar in Entrepreneurship
ENGL 322   Marta Caminero-Santangelo   American Literature II
ENGL 400   Terese Thonus   Teaching & Tutoring Writing
Environmental Studies
EVRN 615   William Woods   Capstone Project
JOUR 500   Simran Sethi   Topics in Journalism: Media and the Environment
JOUR 513   Bob Basow   Principles of Advertising
JOUR 523   David Guth   Principles of Public Relations
JOUR 568   Tien-Tsung Lee   Marketing and Media Research
JOUR 676   Tien-Tsung Lee   Strategic Campaigns
JOUR 676   Bob Basow   Strategic Campaigns
JOUR 676   Mugur Geana   Strategic Campaigns
JOUR 850   James Gentry   Capstone in Marketing Communications
Liberal Arts & Sciences
LA&S 400   Terese Thonus   Teaching & Tutoring Writing
MGMT 470   Dan Spencer   Management and Leadership - Leadership in Business Organizations
Mechanical Engineering
ME 641   Ronald Dougherty   Design Project, Part 2 of Sequence
ME 643   Kenneth Fischer   Capstone Design Biomechanics
Political Science
POLS 496/404   Burdett Loomis   DC Field Work and Intern Seminar
POLS 407/495   Burdett Loomis   Topeka Field Work and Intern Seminar
PSYC 334   Kathleen McClusky-Fawcett   Child Psychology: Honors
SPAN 463   Danny Anderson   National Traditions in Spanish America
Social Work
SW 220   Lori Messinger   Social Work, Social Welfare, and U.S. Society
SW 601   Richard Spano   Field Practicum
SW 701   Richard Spano   Basic Field Practicum
SW 801   Richard Spano   Advanced Field Practicum-Clinical Practicum
SW 804   Richard Spano   Advanced Field Practicum-Social Work Adm
SOC 522 /
AMS 522
  Tanya Golash-Boza   American Racial and Ethnic Relations
Theatre and Film
TH&F 404   Jeanne Klein   Children and Drama
Urban Planning
UBPL 714   Kirk McClure   Local Economic Development Planning
UBPL 716   Daniel Serda   Community and Neighborhood Revitalization
UBPL 735   Bonnie Johnson   Site Planning
UBPL 773   Bonnie Johnson   Environmental Planning Implementation
Visual Communications
VISC 314   Jeremy Shellhorn   Graphic Design 1
VISC 424   Patrick Dooley   Graphic Design 3
VISC 524   Patrick Dooley   Senior Problems
VISC 524/560   Jeremy Shellhorn   Senior Problems
VISC 560   Andrea Wertzberger   Special Topics: Coterie Theatre
Women's Studies
WS 201   Milton Wendland   Introduction to Women's Studies
WS 396   Milton Wendland   Lesbian and Gay Cultures in the US