Fall 2006 Service Learning Courses


American Studies

AMS 344 Jewish American Literature and Culture
AMS 552 Public Service in American Studies
AMS 550 Introduction to Current Issues and Research in American Studies
AMS 522 American Racial and Ethnic Relations

Applied Behavioral Science

ABSC 311 Building Healthy Communities, Honors
ABSC 310 Building Healthy Communities
ABSC 694 Practicum in Juvenile Problems
ABSC 691 Practicum in Community Health and Development, Honors
ABSC 690 Practicum in Community Health and Development


ARCH 500 Architectural Design VII
ARCH 600 Special Topics in Architecture

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

C&PE 624 Plant and Environmental Safety


ENG 336 Jewish American Literature and Culture

History of Art

HA 305 Special Study, Art of Central Africa


JOUR 676 Strategic Campaigns
JOUR 500 Topics in Journalism: Citizen journalism and community work

Liberal Arts and Sciences

LA&S 492 Topics and Problems on: Special Projects Community
LA&S 101 Learning Communities Seminar

Music Education & Music Therapy

MEMT 366 Introduction to Research in Music Therapy and Music Education
MEMT 150 Introduction to Music Therapy


PHIL 381 Feminism and Philosophy


PSYC 370 Brain and Behavior
PSYC 334 Child Psychology, Honors

Theatre and Film

TH&F 404 Children and Drama

Social Work

SW 220 Social Work, Social Welfare and U.S. Society


SOC 522 American Racial and Ethnic Relations

Urban Planning

UBPL715 "Community" in Neighborhood Planning and Design
UBPL 773 Environmental Planning Implementation

Women's Studies

WS 650 Service Learning in Women's Studies
WS 498 Independent Study
WS 381 Feminism and Philosophy